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haldoor ([personal profile] haldoor) wrote2014-12-30 09:27 am
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Prompts, please!

I am behind on my target word count for the year and I am trying to get as many words counted tonight (my time) for [livejournal.com profile] 1_million_words' total target of 15 million for the year, so I need your help!

If you would like to help me, leave your prompts here! Please make them 1-3 word prompts only (whole sentences/ideas tend to bring on far more than drabbles, and this is all about short fic today!), and you may suggest a fandom and/or pairing if you know the kind of things I write and want a specific fill, but feel free to just leave it open and general if you don't mind, as that will make it easier for me.

Go, now! As many prompts as I can fill with drabbles on up to comment fic-size short pieces before I hit the hay tonight is my aim, although I am at work right now and may not actually start until later this afternoon. THANK YOU!

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