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1.This day in 1893, NZ women got to vote in their first general election! NZ was the first country in the world to give women the vote. Thank you Kate Shepherd and all your fellow suffragettes and hard workers.

2. The Hobbit premiere is tonight NZ time! They rolled the red carpet out in Wellybob yesterday and anyone who is anyone will be down there checking out the new movie. I wish I could be there, but there was no way to justify that spending. Anyway, I'm sure I'll watch some of it on TV tonight, as one of the channels has a special on from 4pm (not that I'm home by then, but I'll watch some later). I'm not taping because I imagine there will be a lot of nothing going on for much of it, but I'll poke my nose in when I can.

Happy Hobbit Day!
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Yesterday, I met [livejournal.com profile] alicambs, who is a new LJ friend. We had a really nice afternoon chatting about this and that, including non-slashy things, and we seem to have quite a lot in common. She is really nice - she and her family have just moved here from the UK - and we probably could have talked for hours more! Thanks again, Ali - it was a really fun way to while away a rainy Saturday! I met her husband and son too, which was lovely, and she trusted me enough to loan me her dvd of 'Ultraviolet', which was a short British TV series made in the late eighties. Hubby and I (he fell asleep, typical!) watched an episode last night - couldn't resist! - and really liked it. Jack Davenport stars and Baby!Stephen Moyer is in it briefly too - he's so cute at 20 (ish)! Haha. Very well-done and I am really looking forward to watching the rest. Borrowing it is a good excuse to get back together too - we're hoping to maybe have dinner together (with hubbies in tow) before they have to move out of the place they're renting.

In other news, the weather is still lousy (come on rainmaker, we've had our share for this winter!!!), I'm still on dial-up speed (so apologies especially to the CSI RPG people, but it's making me crazy and my brain just isn't there. I will catch up after the 13th though), and work continues to keep me busy.

Oh! We did have a couple of builders round yesterday - we've been thinking about adding on to our house instead of moving to somewhere bigger - and we liked these guys. They are going to arrange a meeting with an architetural draughtsman (simple job; doesn't really need an architect), and hopefully... hopefully, we might start to move on this. We currently have a fairly standary Kiwi three bedroom house, and we hope to add on another bedroom, a second bathroom and a walk-in wardrobe at one end of the house, with possibly a garage or carport, and a covered deck off our lounge at the other end. I'd like to hope that we might actually stop procrastinating, and have something happening by the summer!

Today, we've started slowly... had a cuppa in bed and Hubby's watching some programme about male grooming (!) while I do this. My intention is to get on with finally finishing my last luau fic! However, breakfast might be in order first! Oh, and the sun is actually shining... we'll see how long that lasts! ;-)
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Well, sleeping in would have been nice.

But -

Woken at 8.30 by kids getting presents ready: not so good!

Presents: very good! (CD, writing paper, craft things, purple singlet-top, chocolates!)

Breakfast: pikelets (mini-pancakes) with butter and golden syrup (liquid sugar)

Argument between N1D and N2D at the table: not so good.

Chores: not great, but essential, dammit.

Online time: Excellent!

Yahoo e-mail being a bastard: ASSHOLES! I can see my e-mail, but I cannot read it. How's that for wonderful? Anyone else experiencing such joy this weekend? I'm hoping it's just yahoo-au, and not the whole world as at least one other person told me their's is okay. I just hope it's not my damned computer playing up again... *sigh*

The rest of the day: bugger all, probably, as Hubby's cooking dinner (yay!) and it's too cold to care about doing lots. The kids have just put "The Triplets of Belleville" on again. If you've never watched this, you should! We watched it yesterday and it's a great little cartoon with virtually no speaking except in French occasionally. Some most amusing things, and it's very stylishly made. Suitable for the whole family (and you don't often get that recommendation here!)... if you don't mind a dancing woman with her tits out for about 2 minutes (and it is a cartoon).

Watched FOUR episodes of series one of SG-1 last night! It's all [livejournal.com profile] green_grrl's fault. But it is fun *grin*. Looks like I'm going to have to keep going. [livejournal.com profile] kaige68 keeps talking about S6...

Oh, and before I forget (mind you, I missed a lot more than I ever remember), yesterday was [livejournal.com profile] niceandfluffy's birthday! HAPPY (belated)BIRTHDAY, chook!
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Unfortunately, my computer's not doing so well *cries*.

It's being attended to by Dr Computer Guy from my work, so hopefully I'll be properly back online soon. In the meantime, I'm running in and out quickly from the office in between working, but I can't get too carried away so it's been a bit erratic. I did manage to post Chapter 2 of the orig fic for those who have access, so that was something, but I really can't catch up on too much flist stuff as unfortunately I'm paid to work while I'm here (life is sad like that).

Most other things are going okay though, and today is LOST day over here (in which Sawyer gets all hot and sweaty and shirtless and digs graves, according to the shorts *drools* which will more than make up for him not being on last week's episode at all - altho' Sayid did look rather fetching attached to that swingset...) so I think I'll make it through another day!

Hugs and stuff to all of you, and watch out for that Hamster thing, it'll happen soon, I'm sure! (been thinking about it a lot lately)>
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How do people know what episode of Lost they're watching, and remember the titles six month later, anyway? Huh, huh, huh? Does everyone go to Lost-media.com each week before the episode to find out the name or what?

I can barely remember my own name some days (this is the famous MOAG, but even so...). I swear, they do not have titles on any episodes I've seen, nor numbers of episodes. So when I'm reading fic or entries whereby people say "spoilers through... blah blah blah" I have no idea whatsoever what they're talking about unless they say 3.11 or whatever. For the first time ever in my life I actually know a) what season of a series I'm watching (apart from the obvious first season of something) and b) what episode number I'm up to. Seriously. It's the first time it's actually mattered.

Oh, and actually what does "through" mean in that context? it's such an Americanism. I assume it means "all the way to the end of this episode I am naming" but I'm not 100% on that, it may only mean up to the beginning of the episode... any help?

None of this is intended as a criticism at all, I'm just genuinely confused! I'm a simple Kiwi lass who needs help understanding the American mysteries! (you'd never guess I actually lived there for five months once upon a time, would you?).

So, please help if anyone knows. I'll give you my first-born. No, I won't, her father would never forgive me! a fic of your choice if the answer makes sense!!! (and Heroes, just so we know I'm not missing anything, quite clearly says the chapter - ep# - and title of each episode at the beginning, so there!)

PS: another poll coming soon - I haven't forgotten the idea of reviewing the shows/movies/happenings around me, it's just on hold for a bit while I sort out the rest of Life's Questions. Dunno why I try though, we all know The Answer is 42.
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The Good News Is...

1. I'm back from holiday!

2. It was a good week at the beach - great weather, very relaxing, and we had fun!

3. After not being able to get into my computer at home til this afternoon, I am once more ONLINE! Woo!

4. The new TV season has begun here, and we've got/are getting this week: House, Lost, Prison Break, Supernatural! Heroes has already started, and I hear we're getting Torchwood later this year *sigh* What more could a girl want?

5. Lost is on in less than 5 minutes from now and the kids are all in bed and quiet!!! *squees* S3 at last - *puts on Sawyer-watching eyes and ignores the world*

Will update properly later this week! I've missed you guys!!!

Thanks: [livejournal.com profile] therosewilde for the texts of insanity til I could get near a computer again! Will be reading the nano chapters as soon as I can, babe, but right now? I think you know where I'll be for the next hour, right? *grin*


14 Jan 2007 10:42 pm
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And I thought I was anal. I just had to say... my hubby's watching something now about Pompeii on the National Geographic channel and they were talking about preserved faeces from the Roman era. Then this professorial type comes on and says, "I find it very exciting!".

Needless to say, hubby and I just both giggled like the children we are at times. Who says TV doesn't teach you anything?

See, I told you there were only three subjects.
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Well, it's LF's 4th birthday today - WOW! My big boy is four. And like every mother before me, I'm wondering how did that happen? It hardly seems that long ago when I was going into hospital to have him. Still remember it clear as day. Hard work (induced Fri morning, not born til Sat night), but worth it. And he's been hard work ever since! HA! Well, and worth it too, of course. Lovely sweet thing that he is. We're just doing family stuff today, and he's having a little party on Sunday afternoon. Mum's job? To make a "Lightning McQueen" cake. Oh boy, there's a challenge! (for Sunday. Today he's getting a plain round chocolate cake!).

Need to do this: One long cool drink of water on the rocks, please!

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Because, in other news, )
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Which explains a hell of a lot.

Won't be going to "POTC2" on Fri, no-one to mind LF (who I doubt will make it through that length of a live-action film, even if he did manage "Cars" last week, and is going to "Over the Hedge" with Hubby & the girls tomorrow). Maybe the weekend...

Anyway: "House" is on tonight, so here's RSL:

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Let's see if I can. (N2D desperate for her turn on comp, dammit).

This week: many good things, including getting back to LJ, the bathroom being finished, and me actually working at work. Flipside: screaming child (LF) behind me right now (am ignoring), not enough sleep.

But the best thing:

FIREFLY is on Sky TV tonight!!!

YAH!, hotdamn and woohoo!

I've been waiting since *insert date here* (read: memory of a goldfish) for dvd unlimited to send the first disc. In the meantime, Sky has decided in it's infinite wisdom to play it on Fridays at 8.30pm here in Kiwiland!

I am so psyched!!! Yeeha! (could you tell?)

And... umm, that wasn't very short, was it? Oh, sod it.
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  1. beatles:
    They were just the best thing the sixties had. Love, love, love them. The music stands up today. George was my fave. Trippy humour in those great movies, "Help" & "A Hard Days Night" helped too.
  2. brad pitt:
    Well, had a girly crush on him ever since "Thelma & Louise", and tho' it's lessened somewhat, it will never go away completely!
  3. eric clapton:
    Clapton is God! He plays guitar so "slowhand"edly, and he sings so dreamily... plus I admire that he's been through dark times, yet still copes so well and stays elegant!
  4. johnny depp:
    Guh! Well, what else... he's gorgeous. Plus he's the best goddamned actor of his era on the planet. He can do ANYTHING and make it look ten times better than it might have been with someone else.
  5. karl urban:
    Karl? He's the sexiest thing out of NZ since sliced bread (did we not invent that? Oh, we didn't?). He's grown into his looks tho'. I thought he was kinda geeky in 1993, but I loves him now, I does...
  6. lotr:
    Hey, I'm a Kiwi. The whole damned country's been thanked now, so it's my obligation to love the damned movies! Plus, they were SO GOOD! Thanks, Mr Tolkien, for writing such a great book, and thanks even more, Mr Jackson, for making such great films out of it!
  7. penpals:
    Have been writing letters since I was 10. Love to write. Love to read letters too. (Love e-m, LJ and RPG... Love writing & reading fic too) I once put my name in a mag when I was young, looking for penpals, got over 200 replies... OH, I loved my letterbox then! Still do, but don't get so many letters *cries* Lots of e-m though *grin*
  8. sawyer:
    Well, I watched "Lost" from the start, loved the story, but didn't actually go GUH for Sawyer til halfway thru the first series... then it was LUST, and I haven't looked back! Might have been his lost look, might have been him in the rain... not sure, but there's definitely no hope for me now. *grin* (character is great too, btw, as if anyone believes I like him for that!
  9. the archer:
    This is one of my fave fics. [livejournal.com profile] legomyarrow knows how to intertwine action and comedy to the nth degree. My faves? Wally/Trigger, of course!
  10. trivia:
    Have always had a head for crap and utterly useless snippets of knowledge. Adore that I know more actors' birthdates than I know of my own family's. Just weird that way. Also Queen of Trivial Pursuit for knowing so much useless info. (can't remember what I did yesterday sometimes, but intimate knowledge of uselessness springs to mind easily. Go figure).

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