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Happy New Year everyone! May 2013 bring things you've wanted your way!

I can't seem to make myself post anything I've been meaning to, but I'm making an effort to think about it! The sun came out today, so we took the kids to the beach for the first time this summer - and everyone else had the same idea, obviously! Our favourite local beach was PACKED with cars - before we even got halfway down the metal road to it, a guy stopped his car to tell us not to bother! There were cars lining both sides of the narrow road and it was completely obvious there wasn't a point trying to find parking. So we headed for another beach past it - less well known - and it too was pretty busy, though we managed to park on the metal road and walk down without it taking an aeon. Not the world's greaest beach, but very pleasant and swimming was nice. Sat in the sun for a while after that and just lazed, enjoying the day. Home now and Hubby's got the BBQ underway and I'm sitting out on my brand new deck *beams* writing this. Very very nice, I must say!

I did get a nice swag for Christmas - all things I like/love/want/need, so very happy! I have a photo but I haven't uploaded it. Will post about that when I've sorted the pics. Also need to post reno photos and vids up to 23/12/12, which I'll do eventually too.

In the meantime, here's a writery meme that's going around )
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The good news is that Christmas stuff is all pretty much on schedule or done, though now I realise I probably need to get something else for N2D as I've spent about $20 more on her brother and sister than I spent on her...

The bad news is I seem to have gotten way behind on LJ, haven't looked at Twitter in ages, and well, forget updating about the reno! Ha! I even managed to forget to take photos recently, though I put that to rights last night by taking a few. Have to make another video though as a few changes are evident since the last one. We now have a carport roof, the gib-stopping is done in the new rooms, and there are bi-fold doors out onto my deck (which is only half done). I've told one of the guys working here that my priority is the deck and the wall in the room which we're making smaller to make way for a hallway. I have N2D sleeping on a mattress in the lounge (living room) right now as her old room is too messy and full of furniture pushed into the middle. N1D's in the top bunk in LF's room, and there is stuff everywhere it shouldn't be around the house.

BUT! We have a Christmas tree (small, live one in a pot), it is decorated, and I have my peg-lights up holding the Christmas cards that have started arriving. [livejournal.com profile] agdhani, yours has arrived, thank you so much! Also, big thanks to [livejournal.com profile] ladywillin, whose card and gift arrived yesterday. I think I already mentioned [livejournal.com profile] msb66 and [livejournal.com profile] pippii, both of whom sent me cards and gifts which arrived last week. Thank you both again!

I hope you are all doing well! I'll catch up soon. *hugs*


26 Sep 2012 09:26 pm
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I seem to be on hiatus. Just so you know that I haven't died. Work is crazy, life marginally less so, but my brain has been offline. (Okay so I went all gooshy over YT eps of Will & Sonny from Days of Our Lives for one afternoon and I also re-read old threads I wrote as Tiger in the Eagle's Nest RPG which took seriously way too long. Does anyone even remember that RPG or the fic by [livejournal.com profile] sindahise that spawned it? OMG, it was unbelievable - it, my friends, was what got me into LJ and writing in the first place, right after [livejournal.com profile] niceandfluffy introduced me to the pleasures of LJ back in 2005 *sigh*).

September is often a time of nostalgia and reflection for me, and I often fall off the world during it, despite the fact it's spring here and I really should be a lot more forward-thinking. But the good news is that once this week is over, 1/ It will be school holidays, 2/ The builder may actually start VERY soon, 3/ The pressure will be off at work for a while, and 4/ Daylight Saving starts, so the weather will seriously begin to get better!

*hugs* to all the flist and I'll be back as soon as I can.


16 Sep 2012 10:54 am
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Since when did September become such a mad month? I have no idea but it's crazy! I can't keep up with anything at the moment: so behind on LJ and Twitter, don't really FB enough for it to count, and we're rushing around at home like crazy too. Our builder may be able to start in a couple of weeks, so we've been emptying the garage and I have a ton of things lying around to be sold that I'm attempting to organise. Work is also mad - we have an appraisal period ending when Sept. does, so everyone wants their work done yesterday, which means push, push, push, and no slacking off.

Phew. The tiny bit of sanity (?) in between the madness is writing fic with [livejournal.com profile] kaige68! My darlink, you raise me up! Yes, Kaige and I have been writing more H50 with Steve and Danny. It's completely mad too, but so much fun. I squeeze in a part when I can, and it all started here when Kaige wrote THE BEST EVER cargument. We're having so much fun, even though I'm having problems fitting my parts in. We'll get there though.

Oh, also managed to get to the movies last night as a reward for getting most of the rest of our stuff out of the garage and under the house (or into the basement as some people might say), which is half dirt and half concrete, so needed rearranging and some shelves organised so precious-ish items didn't have to sit on the dirt. Phew, all done now and not too cluttered, to my great surprise. I can even still access the wood for the fire and the hay for the pets, and the bikes are also easy to reach. Stunning. I do have a wonderful husband. ♥

The movie was 'Savages' ([livejournal.com profile] crickets, thank you for the rec!) and it was very good. Of course, I'd hoped for a little more man-on-man action, since it features two guys with one girlfriend, but that wasn't terribly forthcoming (although there were hints). However, it was still a good movie which the hubby and I both enjoyed very much. Great action, neat double-crossing, and some pretty awful happenings that made us think. Beautifully stylish too, and my girl-crush Salma Hayek was awesome. ;-) Update: just ordered the book from my library!

Now, onwards! Things to do and stuff. So sorry I won't be catching up on flist right now, *sigh* but I will try to get there soon! Love and laughter to you all! *hugs*


6 Apr 2011 07:50 am
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The draughtsman will be here this morning! OMG! ;-) *is excited and nervous all at once*
haldoor: Kaige and I like to jump off bridges one after the other; not always in the same order (repressed)
Let's see if I can. (N2D desperate for her turn on comp, dammit).

This week: many good things, including getting back to LJ, the bathroom being finished, and me actually working at work. Flipside: screaming child (LF) behind me right now (am ignoring), not enough sleep.

But the best thing:

FIREFLY is on Sky TV tonight!!!

YAH!, hotdamn and woohoo!

I've been waiting since *insert date here* (read: memory of a goldfish) for dvd unlimited to send the first disc. In the meantime, Sky has decided in it's infinite wisdom to play it on Fridays at 8.30pm here in Kiwiland!

I am so psyched!!! Yeeha! (could you tell?)

And... umm, that wasn't very short, was it? Oh, sod it.


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