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Bloody Netscape, in their infinite wisdom have decided we all must now access our e-mail through AIM. I already HATE it.

The rant below )
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Yeah, my day started off like that. And it didn't really improve until a lot later. But, it did get better, so if you can't be bothered checking out the rant under the cut, don't sweat it! Oh, and this is for you:

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Just having a Hugh moment. And that *points* is very niiiice.

A day in the lifeā€¦ )
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[livejournal.com profile] lostjane? And all other Josh-lovers (no, you Beanies, don't look, nuh-uh, don't!), anyone on a Josh-comm? PLEASE go here:


and VOTE VOTE VOTE for Josh? Huh, huh? Please! He's losing!!! It's not allowed! I could take Hugh and if I have to Bean, but bloody hell, please can't he be above Rickman, even if he does have one of those voices... so does Josh, and he's a lot sexier to look at! C'mon!
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I was gonna talk about this week and busy-ness, and whales beaching and so on, but I've just spent 4 hours catching up with my flist and now it's midnight and I really really must sleep. So. Next time, huh? Did tons of comments, and most are probably pointless, but hey, I'm like that (pointless, despite being an HB *laughs weirdly cos no-one will get that*)

All right, don't wait up. None of it matters. Although, come to think of it, I NEED more Warren Zevon (ref #2 below) and Jimmy Buffett (ref#1 below) in my life. In fact, I should get them on CD, right? Gotta love their seriously interesting and sometimes weird lyrics, right? If you agree, shout!

1. "He went to Paris, looking for answers to questions that bothered him so..."

2. "I'd like to go back to Paris someday and visit the Louvre Museum
Get a good running start and hurl myself at the wall"

Yes'm, Paris. Don't ask why, maybe it's the Tiger View I'm doing. Never been there, but maybe one day. But it probably "ain't that pretty at all".

Okay, if you understand any of that, you also are having a moment, obviously. It's after midnight now, what did you expect from me, really? Something that made sense? *laughs hysterically* (and it's Friday 13th... okay, so technically it's actually Sat 14th. But check out what's in the background! HA! Kevin Bacon bites it, royally!)
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JESUS! Okay, swearing over.

Just so you know why I'm swearing... I had just about finished this HUGE entry about my favourite female singers (to go with my fave males from some time back, link here, and a further one here)

and I F%$&ing hit the BACK button by mistake... GODDAMMIT. Shitty bastard thing (okay, I lied, I haven't finished swearing) ATE every single bloody word... AAARRRRGGGH! Except the link, which was still in Control C, thank heavens, since it took me about an hour to find the old entry (dickhead that I am).

Now it's almost 11.30, I am SO NOT typing it all up again from memory. FFFF!


*kicks self, hard*

Maybe tomorrow? Huh. That's it, I'm going to bed. Don't laugh too hard.
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Things I have learned today:

1. I really really need more than 4 & 1/2 hours sleep a night.

2. Tuesdays are still Tuesdays even when you're not at work.

3. DO NOT leave apricots in a tiny bit of orange juice to come to the boil and leave the room (ie: porn is very distracting)

4. Pots that have had apricots and orange juice boiled black onto are very hard to clean.

5. I will always be running out the door to collect the kids from school bare minutes before the bell rings, no matter how well I think I've planned it, even when they finish at 12.30pm (last day of school, and I WAS going to leave home at 12pm to allow time to talk to teachers, etc...)

6. Not every mall in NZ has a McDonald's after all.

7. Two cell-phone-user-challenged people trying to find each other in an unknown mall, (with NO GODDAMN MCDONALD'S!!!, arranged meeting point, as everyone knows all malls have one, right? {see point 6}) when neither one can actually hear their phone ring and one of them has no idea how to pick up a message, gets very farcical after about a half-hour.

8. Don't put your Xmas day food list on the fridge in reach of your 3 year old (at least I assume that's why it's no longer there). It's the only list I've actually managed to make this year (apart from the Xmas card list, which surprisingly wasn't complete...) and now I've had to recreate it from scratch. *Hopes like hell I haven't forgotten anything*

9. 3yo's need dinner at 5.30, or 6pm at a pinch, NOT 7pm. (Not much worth calling food gets eaten otherwise. Oh, and yes, I DID already know this one, it's true)

10. If you're too tired to cook dinner at the proper time, NO kids will be in bed before 8.30pm, and some will still be awake long after (but since there's no school tomorrow, as long as they're in their own room, do I really care at this point?)

And that, people, is today's lesson. Learn from it. I know I did.

TUESDAY'S OVER, Thank the Lord of the Rings.
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...frustrating bastards! Okay, it's a complaint (the full half-hour, not the 5 minute job, either!).


Needed to get that out. Feel minutely better now.

You may or may not recall me having a rant a while back because I settled down to watch "El Mariachi" from "dvd unlimited", who ever-so-kindly post dvd's out to me (like the US Netflix thingy), only to find it was the director's commentary version... so I sent it back (well, did watch it, was quite interesting) so they could send me the ACTUAL movie for free (which they agreed to).

I wish to lodge a complaint )
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General rave and gripe under the cut, but here's the good thing from the other day just so I can feel pleased about something I've done lately:

This is a "Blue Meerca", a Neopet, if you don't know of such things:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

and this is the cake I decorated for N2D's b'day last weekend:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Not bad, eh? I felt good about it, anyway, and the kids loved it!

Now for the crap, if you can be bothered (mind you it's kinda funny in hindsight) )
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Well, you know I circled South Auckland for 2 hours last Friday, if you read that entry, so I just thought I'd share with you how yesterday's road trip went - we went North this time, and it took 50mins to get there (as expected) and 50mins to get home too! Had a nice visit with my best friend's mother, who treats my kids like her grandchildren, and actually left before rush hour! Yeeha! See? I knew I couldn't have two road-trips to hell in a row. Home by 4pm, bliss!

The only one down thing was it was supposed to be Family Night and I totally forgot! Couldn't be bothered to go out again (N2D's food choice, which of course would be McDonald's), as too tired, so delayed it til tonight after many tears... now the dreaded "fetch dinner" time has arrived and it's blowing like nobody's business out there, and raining! REALLY REALLY don't want to go out... but a promise is a promise, so *sigh*, must brave it... I guess I shouldn't complain - we can do the drive-thru thing.

Let's look up, good things:

1. I don't have to cook
2. The kids will be happy
3. I will have time to read more slash later
4. LF's tired, will go to bed earlyish if I get my A into G
5. No good movies on tonight, will write another story

And, as an aside... watched "The Aviator" last night. Weird man, that Howard Hughes. There was a scene (with longer hair and beard) where I could just see Karl playing this part... I'm not a DiCaprio fan, generally, so it wasn't hard to switch them mentally! Anyway, quite a good movie, I suppose, considering it was not my choice (Hubby's). I could actually not believe that my darling man had NEVER heard of the Spruce Goose and I had... what's with that? He's the fan of cars and all other vehicles. I just like MEN!
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I'm very tired, but that's what happens when you go to your daughters' Brownie and Pippin sleepover at an indoor playground! They got to sleep on the equipment, and we mothers slept under the merry-go-round. Was a good night actually! The kids went to bed around 10pm, and the mothers and leaders sat around chatting til 1am or so. Had a good laugh, learnt some interesting things (what a ladyhole is, for instance! Which led to discussions on manholes and assholes!), and would've slept fine if the damned Brownie leader hadn't decided she needed to turn on the merry-go-round at least twice in the night (which included bright lights), to aim for decapitation, I suspect! I did survive though.

Today is election day in NZ, and I did my duty. Hadn't fully decided who I was voting for until half an hour before we headed for the polling booth... so feel a little guilty that it was a bit semi-pathetic, but at least I read some pamphlets and thought about it for more than 5 minutes! (which is what I did when I voted once in the UK, just to do something interesting. That time, I picked the name that I most liked the sound of. Now tell me that's responsible!)

The kids and my Hubby are watching "The Lorax" as I type. Such a great Dr Seuss story: "I'm the Lorax, I speak for the trees". Would love an icon with that on! But I'm totally inept at making such things. (don't take it as a hint unless you are inclined that way!)

Special Thanks Department this week:

[livejournal.com profile] kaige68 - you KNOW why, but I'll tell you anyway: for our daily "Jeremy is..." exchanges. You give me a laugh, lift my spirits, and because we are twins from the Slash planet!

[livejournal.com profile] therosewilde - for allowing me to "witter on" when I was feeling bad, and for making me feel better. And for the delicious pics of Josh just when I needed them most!

[livejournal.com profile] niceandfluffy - because you put up with my desperate calls for help and give me good advice when I need it!

[livejournal.com profile] legomyarrow and [livejournal.com profile] daniko - for somehow managing to remain sane in the face of my paranoia.

[livejournal.com profile] the_staci - because she loves Tiger so much!

and as always, my ever-suffering Hubby for putting up with my ups and downs!



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