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I run this silly bit of a comm. called [livejournal.com profile] t_h_e_hamster. Anyone remember it? Hmm, not likely, but there you have it. Anyway, I set it up ages ago to review movies, TV shows, books and music, but have been sadly neglectful of it. I keep thinking I should spend more time there and actually, you know, review stuff. I'm not what you call highly edumicated and I don't tend to make a lot of sense beyond the OMG!gaysquee thing a lot of the time, but I like movies, TV, books and music and I like to say: yes, I liked that or no I didn't. I also like recs from others, so...

I really want to think about posting there regularly and getting other odd-bods like myself to do it too. No major commitments or anything, and no indepth thinking required; just a place to pop up a few words of snything you think is worth mentioning.

So I made a poll over there for anyone to have a go at if you're the least bit interested. All very relaxed-like, so go have a look around if anything seems like your cup of tea, bearing in mind that I'm a slasher by nature and unlikely to spend much time noting anything non-slashy, which is not to say non-gayishness is not welcome. It just means if you are slanted that way, you may find it interesting in a mildly mild way, or you may not if you're not, so to speak.

Anyway. That is all. Have a lovely day!
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Convince me, flist. I'm doing mini-nano right now and I see sign-ups for Lost HoHoHo are open at [livejournal.com profile] lostsquee. Should I? I mean, it's fun and all, but can I have something written by the 15th of December? Last year I even did two as I did a pinch-hit at the last moment, but I'm not sure how I'm coping this year since I haven't done a lot of writing recently. Which of you are doing it and do you think I should too? Vote here:

[Poll #1639411]
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Just thought I'd mention the poll we put up at [livejournal.com profile] price_o_love. If you haven't checked in and you've been following Freeman's, we'd love to hear your views! Thanks! ;-)
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Hmm, it's been another quiet weekend which is good because N1D hurt her knee at gym on Friday and I was doing the headless chook thing trying to sort her out, but we got there. Think she's okay, but her knee is a bit swollen and needs a little more resting, so I will stay at home with her tomorrow. Hopefully she can go back to school on Tues as I imagine we'll both want the same thing tomorrow... the computer!!! She was allowed about 4 hours on the comp today which was probably not really what you'd call elevating the leg much, but she did sit on the couch all of yesterday.

The hubby and I spent the morning rearranging our bedroom, which meant it got a thorough clean for the first time in ages! And I tidied the kids' craft cupboard and got new drawers for my craft stuff (as an early b'day pressie) as a reward, so it was all good! The hubby rearranged and cleaned the girls' room yesterday while I computed most of the day, so that was good too. Just have to have a go at LF's next weekend, as Hubby did the lounge the other day too. *sigh* Early spring-cleaning, always good.

I've been tagged by the lovely [livejournal.com profile] jhobbit to do a meme on my top ten perves guys that I fancy... now the difficulty here is how to narrow it down. Doesn't seem to affect some people I talk to (who shall remain nameless) who can't find ten, but for those of us about to rock who have been eyeing up boys since they were eight, things are different. Hmm, *ponders a lot more*. Then, even if I do narrow it down to 10... what order? Oh boy. I think I have Libra in my ascending sign. I'm sure [livejournal.com profile] kaige68 would agree, she can't make decisions either. *sigh* Gonna have to think on that one for a few days - I'm also supposed to post pics of them all for your perving viewing pleasure! Oh boy, it just gets harder!

I did have a thought of digging out my old list of "top guys" from when I was about 15... I know I still have that tucked in a diary somewhere (I know, hoarder!) and it might be a giggle. Someone suggested I could do a top ten of several different groups for the next few weeks (I doubt I could truly make it a weekly thing for inconceivable amounts of time, but...). Anyway, votes needed, I think. Help me make up my mind!!! Please!

[Poll #1033667]


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