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Someone asked recently, so I decided I needed a reference post here.


So I think I can write fan fiction? )


16 Sep 2012 10:54 am
haldoor: Kaige and I like to jump off bridges one after the other; not always in the same order (amusement-bigger boat)
Since when did September become such a mad month? I have no idea but it's crazy! I can't keep up with anything at the moment: so behind on LJ and Twitter, don't really FB enough for it to count, and we're rushing around at home like crazy too. Our builder may be able to start in a couple of weeks, so we've been emptying the garage and I have a ton of things lying around to be sold that I'm attempting to organise. Work is also mad - we have an appraisal period ending when Sept. does, so everyone wants their work done yesterday, which means push, push, push, and no slacking off.

Phew. The tiny bit of sanity (?) in between the madness is writing fic with [livejournal.com profile] kaige68! My darlink, you raise me up! Yes, Kaige and I have been writing more H50 with Steve and Danny. It's completely mad too, but so much fun. I squeeze in a part when I can, and it all started here when Kaige wrote THE BEST EVER cargument. We're having so much fun, even though I'm having problems fitting my parts in. We'll get there though.

Oh, also managed to get to the movies last night as a reward for getting most of the rest of our stuff out of the garage and under the house (or into the basement as some people might say), which is half dirt and half concrete, so needed rearranging and some shelves organised so precious-ish items didn't have to sit on the dirt. Phew, all done now and not too cluttered, to my great surprise. I can even still access the wood for the fire and the hay for the pets, and the bikes are also easy to reach. Stunning. I do have a wonderful husband. ♥

The movie was 'Savages' ([livejournal.com profile] crickets, thank you for the rec!) and it was very good. Of course, I'd hoped for a little more man-on-man action, since it features two guys with one girlfriend, but that wasn't terribly forthcoming (although there were hints). However, it was still a good movie which the hubby and I both enjoyed very much. Great action, neat double-crossing, and some pretty awful happenings that made us think. Beautifully stylish too, and my girl-crush Salma Hayek was awesome. ;-) Update: just ordered the book from my library!

Now, onwards! Things to do and stuff. So sorry I won't be catching up on flist right now, *sigh* but I will try to get there soon! Love and laughter to you all! *hugs*
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Man, how do I even get so behind? I have no clue, but it happens. I've made as much of an attempt to catch up as I can now, so apologies if there was anything happening with you that I should have been aware of. Also apologies to everyone who has now received randomly late comments or none at all. I have been been in and out and extremely sporadic and random with them. I can't see me managing anything past that now, sorry!

I think I did enough of a catch-up of my own happenings the other day, and seriously, these days I can't seem to find much to note in here anyway, so it's all a bit silly! I have been enjoying working on my daily photos with my girls though, despite this afternoon's outing of doom wherein LF made it all a bit of a drag. He was probably hungry, not having had any food for a couple of hours, and kept pushing arguments with his sisters. *sigh* Kids! Who'd have 'em? ;-P

Still, managed some interesting photos in the end, and he's even in the one I chose for the day.

Here's a couple of shots I didn't choose for the Day 9 shot, just because )

Oh, also, posted fic yesterday: The third in my H50 Revelations series. Still working on the fourth.

Back to work tomorrow, but at least it's a short week - I'm off for another four-day weekend then.

And that's about all I have for now ! Revenge is on! Gotta go!


26 May 2011 11:06 pm
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So many things *shakes fist at the universe*

Still, no time to go into it now. Just to say apologies to anyone waiting for Chapter 19 of 'Constant Daze'. I hope to have it up tomorrow instead.
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Nearly missed Chapters 4 and 5 of In the Shadow of the Eagle - what was I thinking!?! I haven't been in LJ for days, too busy wrapping up the Austria thread in EN RPG every time I've been in lately. So finally checked both Chapters out today when I realised they were there, thank God!

Otherwise, not much else of note. We have just moved offices at work, so Monday I MUST remember to go to the new one, not the old one. Packed up yesterday (Fri) and it will all be there at the new place on Monday. I'm in two minds about it, actually. Has good and bad going for it. Good being new place, bigger, we have our own kitchen and loos (had to share with another bunch of people just as big as our group at the old place, and that always had a "them/us" feel about who messed up most). Bad being the parking's not as good, it's 5mins further away from home (neither here nor there I suppose), and the seating for us office-bound staff is crappily arranged. So, it remains to be seen whether it will be better or not.

I have a headache right now, have had all afternoon. Really should take something, as every little noise is bugging me. And I have to say "Don't Phunk With My Heart" is REALLY REALLY not the song you wish your 9yo would play when your head's near exploding *sticks out tongue*. I only haven't said something because I really don't have the energy, and it's keeping them off my back. But, it's time for bed now (for both N1D and N2D) so I'm about to push...

...as "Hidalgo" is on Sky in 10 mins, and I really must watch it...

Okay, that's my little rave for now. Off to ogle Viggo!


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