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And tomorrow we're off to pick up the kids from their visit to the rellies. We'll stay overnight and be home Sunday. So catching up with flist will have to wait until Monday, when I am on HOLIDAY FOR TWO WEEKS, woohoo! I'm so pleased to be having some decent time off after having worked through Christmas and New Year (in between the stat days, that is) when everyone else was taking their leave. ;-)

And Hubby's well on the way to recovery - he's walking without the moon boot when he can, and tonight I took him out to buy some sturdy summer sandals so he has no excuse to be wandering around in jandals any more.

And I made these )

Oh, and I still haven't figured out the CSS to get my banner back in my header, so if anyone's an expert out there... please help!
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Jeez, what am I doing here when I should be in bed?

I guess it has something to do with Being Home Alone. ALL WEEKEND! The cats and I have had the best time catching up on stuff we don't usually do. Okay, the cats usually do the same stuff every day, and let's face it, I pretty much do too ;-) but it's so cool not to have to worry about what everyone else is up to, nor put up with kids arguing, Hubby fussing about money, and everyone interrupting me when I'm trying to write.

Now, I wonder if I can write some more words tomorrow. 1192 so far this weekend, and all of it on a one-shot that's new. I have so many WIPs that it's not funny. My one aim for 2014 is to finish as many of them as I can.

Oh, watched quite a good movie tonight too: 'Devil'. It's an M. Night Shyalaman (sp?) one - he likes his twists. Okay, it's not his best, but I was intrigued and it was kinda creepy, and psychologically freaky there for a bit.

Probably time I got some sleep now! :D
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Happy New Year everyone! May 2013 bring things you've wanted your way!

I can't seem to make myself post anything I've been meaning to, but I'm making an effort to think about it! The sun came out today, so we took the kids to the beach for the first time this summer - and everyone else had the same idea, obviously! Our favourite local beach was PACKED with cars - before we even got halfway down the metal road to it, a guy stopped his car to tell us not to bother! There were cars lining both sides of the narrow road and it was completely obvious there wasn't a point trying to find parking. So we headed for another beach past it - less well known - and it too was pretty busy, though we managed to park on the metal road and walk down without it taking an aeon. Not the world's greaest beach, but very pleasant and swimming was nice. Sat in the sun for a while after that and just lazed, enjoying the day. Home now and Hubby's got the BBQ underway and I'm sitting out on my brand new deck *beams* writing this. Very very nice, I must say!

I did get a nice swag for Christmas - all things I like/love/want/need, so very happy! I have a photo but I haven't uploaded it. Will post about that when I've sorted the pics. Also need to post reno photos and vids up to 23/12/12, which I'll do eventually too.

In the meantime, here's a writery meme that's going around )


16 Sep 2012 10:54 am
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Since when did September become such a mad month? I have no idea but it's crazy! I can't keep up with anything at the moment: so behind on LJ and Twitter, don't really FB enough for it to count, and we're rushing around at home like crazy too. Our builder may be able to start in a couple of weeks, so we've been emptying the garage and I have a ton of things lying around to be sold that I'm attempting to organise. Work is also mad - we have an appraisal period ending when Sept. does, so everyone wants their work done yesterday, which means push, push, push, and no slacking off.

Phew. The tiny bit of sanity (?) in between the madness is writing fic with [livejournal.com profile] kaige68! My darlink, you raise me up! Yes, Kaige and I have been writing more H50 with Steve and Danny. It's completely mad too, but so much fun. I squeeze in a part when I can, and it all started here when Kaige wrote THE BEST EVER cargument. We're having so much fun, even though I'm having problems fitting my parts in. We'll get there though.

Oh, also managed to get to the movies last night as a reward for getting most of the rest of our stuff out of the garage and under the house (or into the basement as some people might say), which is half dirt and half concrete, so needed rearranging and some shelves organised so precious-ish items didn't have to sit on the dirt. Phew, all done now and not too cluttered, to my great surprise. I can even still access the wood for the fire and the hay for the pets, and the bikes are also easy to reach. Stunning. I do have a wonderful husband. ♥

The movie was 'Savages' ([livejournal.com profile] crickets, thank you for the rec!) and it was very good. Of course, I'd hoped for a little more man-on-man action, since it features two guys with one girlfriend, but that wasn't terribly forthcoming (although there were hints). However, it was still a good movie which the hubby and I both enjoyed very much. Great action, neat double-crossing, and some pretty awful happenings that made us think. Beautifully stylish too, and my girl-crush Salma Hayek was awesome. ;-) Update: just ordered the book from my library!

Now, onwards! Things to do and stuff. So sorry I won't be catching up on flist right now, *sigh* but I will try to get there soon! Love and laughter to you all! *hugs*


29 Jul 2012 02:49 pm
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Talk about madness... just got rid of the last of the mess from having two separate sleepovers this weekend, am glad to say.

I know I haven't been around much this week, but it's not been for bad reasons, though some of what's under the cut may seem like madness!

Good and bad things; craziness too, I expect! Oh, and pimping Blue Rodeo like you wouldn't believe, and I'm not even Canadian! )
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Hubby covering the car last night so that I when I went to get in it this morning I didn't have to clear ice from my windscreen! ♥
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Man, how do I even get so behind? I have no clue, but it happens. I've made as much of an attempt to catch up as I can now, so apologies if there was anything happening with you that I should have been aware of. Also apologies to everyone who has now received randomly late comments or none at all. I have been been in and out and extremely sporadic and random with them. I can't see me managing anything past that now, sorry!

I think I did enough of a catch-up of my own happenings the other day, and seriously, these days I can't seem to find much to note in here anyway, so it's all a bit silly! I have been enjoying working on my daily photos with my girls though, despite this afternoon's outing of doom wherein LF made it all a bit of a drag. He was probably hungry, not having had any food for a couple of hours, and kept pushing arguments with his sisters. *sigh* Kids! Who'd have 'em? ;-P

Still, managed some interesting photos in the end, and he's even in the one I chose for the day.

Here's a couple of shots I didn't choose for the Day 9 shot, just because )

Oh, also, posted fic yesterday: The third in my H50 Revelations series. Still working on the fourth.

Back to work tomorrow, but at least it's a short week - I'm off for another four-day weekend then.

And that's about all I have for now ! Revenge is on! Gotta go!

RIP Andy

8 Oct 2010 10:05 pm
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Our last guinea pig, Andy, died today.

After his mother Squeaka got ill and died last year (around this time) Andy and Ginger were still okay, and we had put them together in the hopes of having babies. That never happened. Some time later, both Ginger and Andy came down with whatever Squeaka had had, and Ginger passed away in August this year, but Andy had been hanging on. We looked after him as best we could, but there just wasn't any recovering from whatever it was that struck them down and Andy finally gave up the fight today.

Bye Andy; we loved you.
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Yesterday, I met [livejournal.com profile] alicambs, who is a new LJ friend. We had a really nice afternoon chatting about this and that, including non-slashy things, and we seem to have quite a lot in common. She is really nice - she and her family have just moved here from the UK - and we probably could have talked for hours more! Thanks again, Ali - it was a really fun way to while away a rainy Saturday! I met her husband and son too, which was lovely, and she trusted me enough to loan me her dvd of 'Ultraviolet', which was a short British TV series made in the late eighties. Hubby and I (he fell asleep, typical!) watched an episode last night - couldn't resist! - and really liked it. Jack Davenport stars and Baby!Stephen Moyer is in it briefly too - he's so cute at 20 (ish)! Haha. Very well-done and I am really looking forward to watching the rest. Borrowing it is a good excuse to get back together too - we're hoping to maybe have dinner together (with hubbies in tow) before they have to move out of the place they're renting.

In other news, the weather is still lousy (come on rainmaker, we've had our share for this winter!!!), I'm still on dial-up speed (so apologies especially to the CSI RPG people, but it's making me crazy and my brain just isn't there. I will catch up after the 13th though), and work continues to keep me busy.

Oh! We did have a couple of builders round yesterday - we've been thinking about adding on to our house instead of moving to somewhere bigger - and we liked these guys. They are going to arrange a meeting with an architetural draughtsman (simple job; doesn't really need an architect), and hopefully... hopefully, we might start to move on this. We currently have a fairly standary Kiwi three bedroom house, and we hope to add on another bedroom, a second bathroom and a walk-in wardrobe at one end of the house, with possibly a garage or carport, and a covered deck off our lounge at the other end. I'd like to hope that we might actually stop procrastinating, and have something happening by the summer!

Today, we've started slowly... had a cuppa in bed and Hubby's watching some programme about male grooming (!) while I do this. My intention is to get on with finally finishing my last luau fic! However, breakfast might be in order first! Oh, and the sun is actually shining... we'll see how long that lasts! ;-)

Real Quick

8 Jul 2009 11:36 pm
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So many things went wrong today it wasn't funny. And now I'm off for two days to lovely freezing cold Rotorua (0 deg C - 32F for the Americans who must insist on using old-fashioned methods of measurement - in today's weather report) so let's hope the sun shines for me. On the up side, they have more thermal activity there than they know what to do with, so the hot water will be plentiful. I intend to submerge myself and stay in it as much as possible whilst there. back at the weekend; catch you all then! *waves*

PS: the luau is looking incredibly spiffing at [livejournal.com profile] lostsquee. I do hope to come up with some contributions soon.


29 Jan 2008 10:39 pm
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I'm back from a long weekend away at the in-laws... exhausted but still alive! (survived a mad cow MIL attack!!!) Glad to be home and very pleased to be heading for my own bed again! Hope to catch up with everyone properly over the next few days, since I wasn't much on the ball before I went either. I doubt I'll manage to read everything, but I'll skim through as much as I can to see what you've all been up to, even if I can't manage comments! *hugs* to everyone! Second to last episode of "Lost" S3 to rewatch before I sleep! Yay! New series soon! Double Yay!
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This morning was awful. I woke up around eight as a text came on my cellphone (lucky it was in my room, really, I often ignore it for days). I nearly left it, but had to answer nature's call so I decided to read it. It was a message from a workmate asking me to phone her at work as there was some bad news. I felt a bit hesitant, wondering what kind of bad news, but I still phoned.

The sad news was this )
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Hmm, it's been another quiet weekend which is good because N1D hurt her knee at gym on Friday and I was doing the headless chook thing trying to sort her out, but we got there. Think she's okay, but her knee is a bit swollen and needs a little more resting, so I will stay at home with her tomorrow. Hopefully she can go back to school on Tues as I imagine we'll both want the same thing tomorrow... the computer!!! She was allowed about 4 hours on the comp today which was probably not really what you'd call elevating the leg much, but she did sit on the couch all of yesterday.

The hubby and I spent the morning rearranging our bedroom, which meant it got a thorough clean for the first time in ages! And I tidied the kids' craft cupboard and got new drawers for my craft stuff (as an early b'day pressie) as a reward, so it was all good! The hubby rearranged and cleaned the girls' room yesterday while I computed most of the day, so that was good too. Just have to have a go at LF's next weekend, as Hubby did the lounge the other day too. *sigh* Early spring-cleaning, always good.

I've been tagged by the lovely [livejournal.com profile] jhobbit to do a meme on my top ten perves guys that I fancy... now the difficulty here is how to narrow it down. Doesn't seem to affect some people I talk to (who shall remain nameless) who can't find ten, but for those of us about to rock who have been eyeing up boys since they were eight, things are different. Hmm, *ponders a lot more*. Then, even if I do narrow it down to 10... what order? Oh boy. I think I have Libra in my ascending sign. I'm sure [livejournal.com profile] kaige68 would agree, she can't make decisions either. *sigh* Gonna have to think on that one for a few days - I'm also supposed to post pics of them all for your perving viewing pleasure! Oh boy, it just gets harder!

I did have a thought of digging out my old list of "top guys" from when I was about 15... I know I still have that tucked in a diary somewhere (I know, hoarder!) and it might be a giggle. Someone suggested I could do a top ten of several different groups for the next few weeks (I doubt I could truly make it a weekly thing for inconceivable amounts of time, but...). Anyway, votes needed, I think. Help me make up my mind!!! Please!

[Poll #1033667]
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I can't believe it!!! My Hubby, who usually never offers to bring home takeaway food, especially after I just took the kids to McD's last night due to lack of time in between buzzing around with school/after school activities and so on... is bringing home... wait for it...


tonight on his way from collecting N1D from the gym!!! OMG! Wonders will never cease!

My dinner:

Chicken & chips pizza

My dessert:

Choc fudge brownies

He must have been paying attention... or else reading my LJ when I wasn't looking!

I LOVE HIM! *hugs him tightly*


21 Feb 2007 06:34 pm
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... and I want pizza. Why don't my kids eat it? Domino's does a chicken and chips one that I'm desperate to try. Dammit. I'd order in if I could. Now I have to go make pasta and cheese sauce again instead *sigh*

Note to self: Pizza at the weekend.
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Yes, I proved that I can actually do what I set out to do. Or, in truth, do something that I said yesterday I probably wouldn't do when I got home from work today!

Yes! I got my girlies organised and helped them go through all their drawers and the wardrobe and we sorted out clothes! Yay! They now have tidy drawers and the clothes they no longer wear or want are gone! I also made three beds and tidied up some around the general pig sty as well as put a load of washing away. My hubby should be proud of me. I know I am! *pats self on back*

And just cos:

You Are 53% Open

You are a fairly open person, but you also like to maintain your privacy.
You definitely will tell all (okay, almost all) to your closest friends...
But strangers and acquaintances only get a peek into your life.

Have you heard my story yet? Let's begin...
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I had a lovely relaxing time with the Hubby & kids, and got lots of lovely pressies with a fair quota of chocolate thrown in, so I have few complaints.

The quick Christmas Report )
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So it seems. Might as well jump on the boat too, huh?


And anyone want a 4 yo? )

Sad news

10 Nov 2006 04:38 pm
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Met the Hubby after work today to be told that two of our baby guinea pigs did not survive the night. Unfortunately, the lid to the hutch was not weighted down with it's usual rock overnight and it must have blown opne in the wind. Apparently there were scratch marks like cat footprints on the inside of it, so we can only assume cats got them in the night. I suppose we should be grateful there were no little bodies in evidence around the property.

I feel awful - I really should have checked that the girls put everything in place last night when they fed them, but I didn't. So much running around on Thursdays, and even when I was at the computer later I didn't think to look out the window and check they were okay. Harder later in the dark, but I was posting about 5.30 when it was still light. Have been feeling miserable on and off since I found out.

The two mamas were okay, ond the one girl baby left with them seems okay too, though I'm sure the mother of the two missing ones is a bit stressed, she's been all shivery when held alone. Probably better with the other ones though, seems less stressed then.

I've been a bit stressed too, but hardly surprising... and I forgot to eat lunch. Now I discover the stamps booklets I bought on my way home from work feature one with only the cover and no stamps... *sigh* so I will have to go back to the Postshop to get the others. Dammit, and I was just out with the kids for 2 hours (they got out early from school due to a teacher's union meeting) shopping and gathering things for the sleepover tomorrow night. if I'd looked earlier I could have gone back then. Currently waiting for Hubby to get home so I can go for my stamps without the kids now we're all planted at home.

The sleepover was almost last minute too. I forgot I'd promised N1D she could have it, and then the instructions and things only arrived on Monday (it's part of an Australasian world record attempt organised by the mag "Total Girl" that N1D gets), and considering the orginal deal with it was back in May or something, they could have got this pack out to her a bit sooner. Thank goodness she's only invited two friends.

Okay, Hubby will be here in a tic, better go eat something before I end up biting off someone's head at the Postshop. PMS rules. I can't even do the good things right now, LF just spilled muffin crumbs in the clean washing...


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