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Someone asked recently, so I decided I needed a reference post here.


These days I'm mainly writing in Hawaii 5-0 (Steve/Danny, Steve/Chin, Steve/Adam or pretty much Steve/any male since I'm slightly obsessed with him; also RPF similarly) so that's my preference, but I'm also happy in LOST (any m/m pairings featuring Sawyer and almost any other m/m pairings although= NOT Jacob/MIB. RPF also similarly) and LOTRiPS (mainly featuring Karl Urban and/or Orlando Bloom, but will try others if I feel able, including Eric Bana, and others depending on prompts).

I have been known to write:
Fast & Furious (RPS and a little FPS)
Firefly (Mal/Jayne, Mal/Simon)
CSI (LV, mainly Nick/Greg, but other m/m considered)
House MD (mainly House/Wilson, but other m/m considered)
Vampire Diaries (mainly Damon/Alaric)
True Blood (practically any m/m)
Nip/Tuck (Christian/Sean)
Reign of Fire (Quinn/Creedy)
Narnia RPF (Ben, Peter & Skandar combos)
Star Trex AOS (mainly Bones/Chekov, some Chekov/Sulu)
Torchwood (Jack/Ianto)
Ultraviolet (Jack/Mike)
The Following (Jacob/Paul, would also consider Ryan/Mike, Ryan/Joe)
Moonlight (Mick/Josef)
Dukes of Hazzard (Luke/Bo)
Revenge (Have written Aiden/Daniel, would consider Nolan/Patrick, and possibly Jack with ?)
Arrow (I've written Oliver/Slade, but would also consider Oliver/Tommy, Oliver/Roy, or gen with Diggle, Felicity and Oliver; have actually written a little HET: Oliver/Felicity, and am currently considering threesome Oliver/Felicity/Ray ;-P)
The Flash (and crossovers with Arrow) (Barry/Eddie; happy to write Barry, Cisco & Caitlin TEAM gen; desperate to write Joe/Harrison; would consider Barry/Eddie/Iris, Barry/Cisco, Cisco/Hartley)
Shadowhunters TV show (and have read the first 4 Mortal Instruments books so could go there instead) - (Magnus/Alec, Alec/Jace, Simon/Raphael, Luke/Valentine - willing to look at parabatai relationships as well as or instead of slash if that's your preference - and happy to write (hopefully!) kick-ass gen or friendship fic with Isabelle & Clary or any of the guys)

I'd also consider:
Star Wars (any m/m pairing within reason!)
Rock'n'Rolla (One Two/Handsome Bob)
Shelter (Zach/Sean)
Brothers & Sisters (mainly Kevin/Scotty, Kevin/Robert)
ER (almost any m/m pairing with John Carter)
How to Get Away with Murder (Connor/Oliver, may consider other pairings or M/M/F)

I'll also consider gen in almost any of them; just don't expect much het!

And I've been known to indulge in the odd crossover, though it's not my first place to go. ;-)

Other than that, if it's something I've watched and feel able to attempt (depending on prompts and my self-consciousness about it), and someone requests it, I'll give it a go! ;-)

If people are writing for me, most of the above works, although I'm happy with gen too, and will go with M/M/F in any of my fandoms too, if it makes sense.
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